-Erin, college student

“Dr. Moss clearly explained techniques and methods. She is always willing to come up with new ways of explaining desired results. She is firm and is always straight with me which I love!”


 -Pallas, mother of student

"Dr. Moss is an excellent teacher who is able to adapt her teaching style to any level. She made my eleven-year-old daughter feel very comfortable, and in just a couple of lessons I noticed real improvements in her voice. For the first time, she was able to sing confidently in her head voice using the techniques she learned. Dr. Moss also helped us to understand the importance of choosing performance songs that suit my daughter’s voice. Overall, I feel like my daughter learned many things in her lessons that she will be able to use for years to come." 

-Garret, college student

Dr. Moss is a phenomenal voice teacher. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the voice. I came such a long way vocally due to her guidance. I would recommend her to anyone looking to receive voice lessons.”

-Daniel, college student

“Prof.  Moss has been an inspiring teacher. Her patience and dedication has pushed me to want to work harder... I have never had a voice teacher so committed to helping me.”

-Amanda, high school student

Dr. Moss has confidence in me and it is so nice for someone to truly believe in me.”

-Emily, college student

"Dr. Moss was my private voice instructor in college. Every time we met she shared her knowledge of the voice, and pushed me to do my very best. She is a wonderful voice instructor and I would recommend her one million times over!”

-Matt, college student

“I enjoy working with Dr. Moss. She really cares about her students and shares their enthusiasm for success.”

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