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Voice Lessons

Each voice is as unique as the personality of the student who possesses it and lessons are customized for each student. Students develop vocal skills including breath support, register blending, vowel formation, diction and phrasing.  Musical skills such as intonation, rhythm, and sight-reading are also addressed. Students are exposed to a wide variety of age-appropriate repertoire that may include musical theater, Disney, pop, rock, folk, art song, and opera.

Students have access to the following:

  • A large library of music including: pop, Disney, musical theater, folk songs, foreign language art songs, opera, and oratorio

  • Recordings using audio and/or visual equipment

  • Practice in microphone technique

  • Individually-tailored practice materials

  • Ear training, sight-singing, and music theory materials and training

  • Preparation through the Royal Conservatory of Music: Music Development Program

  • Preparation for school choral auditions, MMEA or musicals

  • Access to NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) competitions and events

  • Studio recitals 

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